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New VC-website / help wanted

Dear members and visitors,

I'm honoured to let you all know that my Dutch/English website about the VC and its recipients finally has been registrated under the name [sign in to see URL]

Although this site is still under construction, I want to let you know that you can follow the progress of our website on : [sign in to see URL]

On this complete new forum you'll find messages about our VC-site in the Dutch and English language, but you also can registrate and place messages, comments and remarks. Your help is more than welcome and I hope that you'll visit our new forum. So if you have any information or comments, please don't hesitate and place these on our forum, we would really appreciate it. If you have any photos or images about the VC or its recipients that we may use for our website, I ask you very kindly to contact me. Naturally we will point our future visitors to your name or your URL, and your sitename and a link will be placed under the images coming from your site.

By creating this Dutch-English website about the VC and its recipients, I hope to give those who received this medal the honour and credit they deserve, especially in Holland.

Regards, and I hope to see you soon on our forum : [sign in to see URL]

Hans Molier
Susannadonk 123
4707 WT Roosendaal
the Netherlands
tel : 0031-165-554531
hans@[sign in to see URL]
1/4/2005, 3:31 am Link to this post Send Email to Hans Molier   Send PM to Hans Molier

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