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Peace Treaty with Japan in 1951

Exactly 52 years ago today the Australian government signed a peace treaty with Japan.

Some interesting statics of Australian casualties;


KIA & missing presumed dead 8,274

Died of Wounds 1,196

Died of sickness, disease,&
injury while POW 8,031
TOTAL 17,501

The disproportionate number of Australian deaths in the last group caused by disgusting neglect by the Japanese military establishment I always find most distressing. The bitter feelings my grand parents generation felt towards the Japanese people, with so many of their young friends lost forever in this manner is best left unprinted.

Fortunately, people of my generation that have grown up never knowing the hurt of war will be capable of forgiveness, but will never forget.

Geoff S

(For Nan & Fardy married during wartime 60 years this week)


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Re: Peace Treaty with Japan in 1951

Your post made me think what one old Digger said to me not long ago when discussing WW2 and "the Japs"
He said " They were cruel, Kate, just so cruel" - it wasn't so much the words, but the tears in his eyes as he talked about it, that remains with me. He also said the one English word the Japanese learnt best was "Mate" - by calling it out pretending to be wounded they tricked soldiers to their deaths.
In Benalla we have a magnificent statue of Weary Dunlop with two other soldiers. It is a wonderful tribute to the Human Spirit and has the words Forgiveness written on it - which Weary expressed in later [sign in to see URL] was an exceptional man, he could forgive, but so many returned soldiers and their families can't or couldn't. It never ceases to amaze me what humans are capable of doing to each other - we never seem to learn.

Congratulations to your Grandparents on 60 yrs of marraige - best wishes to them both!!
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