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This Forum Board was created to be a meeting place where people can help one another with their interests and research in WW1 and ANZAC related matters. I have a few basic guidelines I would ask members to be aware of -

*Forum users will not post material that is knowingly defamatory, illegal, abusive, threatening, harassing, or racially offensive. As with anything, use good common [sign in to see URL] that people cannot see your facial expressions so it is much easier for misunderstandings to occur. Always think twice before hitting the post message button when angered by a comment.

*No Spam. This is such a basic rule of netiquette I shouldn't have to say it, but here it is. No advertising, no promoting of websites(*see note) or products EXCEPT as a reply to a particular post where the website or product is relevant. To help keep the forum discussion flowing it is appreciated if replies are added here where possible and not directing off to other sites. *Note - There is a specific forum to place weblinks if you have found something relating to ANZAC's or other which may be of value discussing or interest to members on the [sign in to see URL] just use common sense.

*No Personal Attacks! You may attack or dispute opinions and facts, but do so with facts and not by taking it to a personal level.

*Decisions made by the Administrator are final and will not be defended if [sign in to see URL] a complaint is made privately to the Administrator about a matter regarding the Forum, the source of complaint will never disclosed and members should feel completely confident to approach Administrator with any concerns.

* Any information on this forum is made available by people who have taken the time out to answer a post. I ask the common courtesy of acknowledgement of the source person if this information is to be used on another website or paper.

*Cite appropriate [sign in to see URL] you are using facts to support a post you make, state where they came from. This will help others know where to go for follow-up. Give credit where credit is due.

*Sometimes in a discussion you'll find your point is made. Or defeated. Either way, it's time to stop. Put your expanded ego or hurt feelings aside. Don't crow, and don't grumble. Wisdom is in knowing when not to follow up. Retire Gracefully

*Please enjoy the debates and discussions and do your best to lead by example in creating a civil environment of mutual understanding and learning.

*Posts that violate the above guidelines may be moved, edited or deleted without notice. Posters who violate the guidelines may be banned, depending upon the infraction and prior history. This can also be without notice, but in most cases, a warning will be issued.

These rules are subject to change, additions and deletions based on my opinion as the need arises. I am generally a very reasonable and easy going person, quite open to any suggestion on how to improve the board, but I will not enter into arguments about decisions I make on a Forum I created. These decisions are only made after much consideration to forum users and what I feel is in the best interest of the majority. If you don't like this Forum there are others available. I aim to maintain this board as a friendly place to be. With your cooperation, we can keep build a Forum that will be of great assistance to many.
Please check here for changes once in a while.

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