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ANZAC in Vietnam

The name ANZAC (officially used) was made famous in WW1, revived for a short time in WW2 and then fell into history.

Many people do not know that it was officially revived in the Vietnam War. 3 of the Battalions of the Royal Australian Regiment (2RAR, 4RAR & 6RAR)were on each of their 2 tours of duty each, bolstered by the addition of a Company from the Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment (RNZIR).

The composite battalions became officially called (for example) 4RAR/NZ(ANZAC) Battalion.

4RAR/NZ(ANZAC) on their 2nd tour (1971/72) were the last ANZAC Battalion and the last Battalion to serve in South Viet Nam.

Their pictorial history is reproduced on the web at ]The Fighting Fourth

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