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New Zealand in France 1917

As we know the AWM started a tradition of yearly books about the troops activities.

It started with the ANZAC BOOK. More followed in WW1 and in WW2 there were 20 in total.

I have transferred some to the web and am actively looking for the missing ones.

BUT, until recently I did not know that something similar was done in NZ.

Because of a smaller print run these books are even rarer than the Aussie ones.

I managed to buy a copy. It was old and tired (long service in hard postings) but as it was the first one I have ever seen I complain not.

I have just finished converting it to the web. It is 180 pages and 109 illustrations, some in colour.

You can see it at NEW ZEALAND at the FRONT 1917

[sign in to see URL]

I hope you enjoy it and if you have any NZ connections please advise them that this part of their history is now on-line.
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