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Great idea!

What a great idea this is. If a forum such as this were to become nationally recognised then it would make the thieves job of unloading stolen memorabilia all that much harder.

Being a policeman for 16 years, it's good to see people creating initiatives such as this in an effort to stem the rate of theft and, with any luck, catch some crooks along the way.

In my experience I have found that most thieves/burglars are pretty stupid and have no idea of value. They just grab what looks expensive to hock at the local pawn shop for quick cash (usually to buy drugs with). Therefore many medals etc. recovered will probably be found being sold by a 'reputable' dealer, who obtained them in good faith without realizing they were stolen. This is why it is imperative that anyone having items stolen report it to Police so a record can be kept and produced to prove the items origin when located. It is also important to note that in many cases the victim of the theft will have to buy the items back from the 'new seller' for the same price he paid 'in good faith' for them. Luckily, however, if this person has a reputable business (2nd hand dealer) then they are required to keep records of each item purchased, from who, and type of photo id provided. This means in many cases the items can be traced back to the original thief and charges laid accordingly.

Unfortunately, there are going to be cases of criminals who deal specifically with these items and aren't your regular run-of-the-mill crook. They will undoubtedly be harder to catch because they probably already have a specific buyer and no advertising will be necessary but nevertheless forums such as this wil no doubt give them well deserved headaches and hopefully catch a few out.


We who are left, how shall we look again
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Wilfred Gibson - Lament (1916)
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