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Platoon Experience- new project in Flanders

Hi all

I'm a parttime member of the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 at Zonnebeke, Flanders/ [sign in to see URL] you will all know, Zonnebeke was the place were the ANZAC's had one of the most difficult periods in their existence.
From next year on, the museum will start with a new educational project,based on the experiences of the Australians on the 4th of October. The idea is to organise a group of youngsters as an Australian platoon anno 1917, dress and equip them as originally as possible and then send them with aguide over the historical battlefield (former railroad, leaving from Zonnebeke and finishing on Tyne Cot Cemetery. Apart from aspect of military history, we also want to emphasize on the personal aspects. At the end of the tour, the participants will be confronted with the the rest of the story of their identity. Some of them died during the attack and will be on Tyne Cot, others were wounded, some died later in the war and quite a number went home after the war.
So we are searching for as many personal stories as possible. Important is the following: the soldier should have been member of an Australian unit in Flanders on the 4th of October 1917. The most desirable is the 3rd Div, then the 2nd Div, but the others are accepted too. A photo is not a must but very useful. Soldiers who died during the battle are relatively easy to find, we have no lack of such stories. But all the rest (died or were wounded later in the war or survived)is very hard sought after. The more information the better, we really want to be able to present a full story if possible (married, children, profession, living area,...)

Maybe some of you know of such stories or now were we can enquire further (we know the AWM off course, but their database is difficultto research if you haven's at least a name)

Thanks for your help

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