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2007 - The Year Ahead - 65th anniversaries WW2 battles and events

Happy New Year, everybody.
All has been quite on "the front" of late so I have the honour of being the first 'contributor' of 2007:
The new year of 2007 is shaping up to be another huge year full of significant 65th anniversaries of World War Two battles and events. To name a few, let us not forget to remember the 65th anniversaries of the World War Two battles of the Coral Sea from 5 to 8 May 1942; Battle of the Kokoda Trail (Track?) in Papua from 22 July to 16 November 1942; the Battle of Milne Bay, in Papua from 25 August to 5 September 1942; the Battle of El Amein, in Egypt from 23/24 October to 4 November 1942.
And let us also remember the fall of the Australian garrison at Rabaul on 23 January 1942 after being captured by the Japanese and the tragic surrender of British and Australian forces at Singapore on 15 February 1942 when over 15,000 Australians became prisoners of war of the Japanese. Many were to die of brutality and starvation on the Thailand to Burma railway and the Sandakan POW camps and death marches. Let's do our best to raise awareness in our towns, cities and regions of the local men who fought and paid the supreme sacrifices in these battles.
I'm endeavouring to do my bit in the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales.
Who'll roll up and lend a hand to raise awareness in their local area?
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