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Gallipoli Truce Documentary

Hi Everyone

I am Mustafa from Turkey. I am 33 years old Tour Guide and currently studying Religious Tourism Programme in Department Of Tourism Management of Graduate School of Social Sciences in Dokuz Eylul University.

Damn it was a mouthful. : P

Currently I am doing a research on the event called Gallipoli Truce (aka Burial Truce) that took place in 24th May 1915. I would like to prepare a short video documentary.

Last year I did quite a lot of tours on Gallipoli Peninsula. This allowed me to get to know Aussies and Kiwis alike. Let me tell you that a lots of beers were involved. : )

This interaction with an old enemy which I did know nothing about and had a lots of propaganda of "They were gonna come back one day..." made me realise we are focusing on the wrong side of the war.

Plus you did come back. As tourist. And I've drunk your beer and took your money and pay my bills. This year you didn't come and I lost my job and barely surviving. But to the point.

Obviously I am not disrespecting to the importance of 18 March, 25 April and 6 of August. But I don't think such an event like Gallipoli Truce however much born out of necessity shouldn't given less importance.

So to commemorate that 8 hours and 15 minutes of peace I'll do all in my power. I am going to shoot this documentary to prove even in the heat of battle people can actually act or feel good.

So I would love to get your help regarding documents, contacts of the persons of interest on subject and any other means financially and emotionally.

I am planing to gather resources and documents next few weeks and start my project asap. So please send me message if you can help.

Thank you very much for reading all this. : )
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